DATE: Friday 14th October
VENUE: The Tote Hotel

ADDRESS: 67 Johnston Street, Collingwood



INFO: Australia’s hardest-drinking cowpunk band, The Johnnys, will notch their 40th anniversary

with an exclusive Melbourne show at The Tote on Friday, October 14, supported by the

Penny Ikinger Band.

By design or coincidence (you choose) it will be part of The Tote’s 40th anniversary celebration shows. Adding even more serendipity to the occasion, it will be a return to the venue that the parents of Johnnys guitarist Slim Doherty used to own. Want more history? Slim used to be its booker. Speaking of 40 year reunions, PENNY IKINGER first played support to The Johnnys (with Spences P Jones on vocals and guitar), when she was playing guitar in Wet Taxis (Sydney) somewhere around 1983/4. Now, that’s a long time ago!

It’s been a long and raucous journey for The Johnnys who are now a trio of guitarist Slim Doherty, bassist Graham Hood and drummer Billy Pommer Jr, The Johnnys are fresh from shows with ageless legend Chad Morgan and a tour through New Zealand. This will be their only Victorian show and their second-last of 2022.

It’s gonna be a showdown so don’t fail to shakedown somebody for a ticket.