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 “Tokyo…is an album similar to experimental eras of New York and London during the late 60s and early 70s. Blending art, folk, twang, poetry, and uncommon together instrumentation. Music aficionados will find intricate revelations in every nook and cranny.”

– Walter Price, Global Texan Chronicles (Germany)

 “One that was born with a star on the forehead is Penny Ikinger, a kind of grungy answer to PJ Harvey…Devastating from start to finish.”

– Jon Pagola, Mondosonoro (Spain)

 “Tokyo is superb, with overdriven, reverb-drenched guitars, dramatic wild-west vignettes and songs influenced by Sam Shepherd, Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull and Cormac McCarthy… imbued with a Francois Villon sensibility and a real Motor City rock vibe.”

– Chris Mineral, CDB News (Australia)

 “The “femme fatale” of Australian rock Penny Ikinger gave us one of the best performances of the Andoain Festival. “Tokyo”…one of the discs of this year for me …I will put it on my list with the most Pomegranates of the current harvest!”

– Txema Mañeru, El Giradiscos (Spain)