SOLO RECORDINGS (guitarist, vocalist, producer):

Travels and Travails CD, Cassette Off The Hip Records (AUSTRALIA) 2023

Boys in Town, vinyl split single w/ Baby 8, Fantastic Mess Records (AUSTRALIA) 2019

Tokyo, CD Kerosene Records (JAPAN), Off The Hip Records (AUSTRALIA) 2018

Gin No Suzu/Ride On Cowboy, CD single, independent 2017

Penelope, CD Citadel Records (AUSTRALIA) 2010

Fragile, EP CD Independent 2009

Electra, CD Career Records (USA) 2003/ vinyl Bang! Records (SPAIN) 2006

Songs from the Deep EP CD Independent 2001; special edition CD w/ artist Chris Dyson 2001

BAND RELEASES (guitarist and/or vocals):

Live At The Gershwin Room, Jack Howard’s Epic Brass (Australia) 2022 Digital

Chants de l’Erèbe A.A. & les Oneiroi (FRANCE) 2020 (guitarist, vocalist, composer)

Rock Formations, SALMON Bang! Records (SPAIN) 2007

Cold Harvest, Sacred Cowboys Bang! Records (SPAIN) 2007 vinyl/CD; 2021 Digital

Live at the Basement, Louis Tillett CD Return to Sender (GERMANY) 2001

Cry Against the Faith, Louis Tillett CD Normal (GERMANY) 1998

Things to Come, Sacred Cowboys CD Shock (AUSTRALIA) 1996

Tight, Red Dress CD MDS (AUSTRALIA) 1994

Carousel, Louis Tillett 7″ Citadel (AUSTRALIA) 1989

A Caste of Aspersions, Louis Tillett LP/CD Citadel (AUSTRALIA)/ Normal (GERMANY) 1989

Condemned to Live, Louis Tillett 7″ Citadel (AUSTRALIA) 1989

Ego tripping at the Gates of Hell, Louis Tillett LP/CD Citadel (AUSTRALIA)/ Normal (GERMANY) 1987

This is the Planet, Meera Atkinson LP Citadel (AUSTRALIA) 1986

Sailor’s Dream, Wet Taxis 7″ Citadel (AUSTRALIA) 1986

From the Archives, Wet Taxis LP Hot Records (AUSTRALIA) 1984

C’mon/Clock on the Wall, Wet Taxis 7″Hot Records (AUSTRALIA) 1983


Of The Sea, Howlin’ Threads E.P. 2022 (vocals) (AUSTRALIA)

Life Is Elsewhere, Catherine McQuade E.P. 2021 (guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

Tasmaniacal, Plantopia 2019 Digital (vocals & guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

Songs from the Sirens, Henry Hugo 2018 CD (vocals & guitar) (AUSTRALIA/SWITZERLAND)

Blickwinkel, Fondermann CD/LP 2017 (guitar) (GERMANY)

Gotta Lotta Move-Boom, James McCann and the New Vindictives CD/LP 2017 (vocals & guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

Theme from Tiatto, Tiatto EP 2010 (guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

Trouble, Brian Henry Hooper 2010 LP/CD (guitar)(Bang! Records, SPAIN)

The Gospel of the Iron Groove, EP Three Headed Dog 2010 (guitar & vocals) (FRANCE)

Last Requests, The Certifiables LP 2009 (guitar & vocals)(AUSTRALIA)

Permanent Marker, Jen Cloher EP 2005 (guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

Wave, Rosie Westbrook LP 2003 (guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

Do You Leave Here Often? Hoss LP 1997 (vocals) (AUSTRALIA)

You Gotta Let Me Do My Thing Kim Salmon & the Surrealists LP 1997 (guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

Far Be It From Me, Tex Perkins LP 1996 (guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

Vertigo & Other Phobias Charlie Owen LP 1994 (guitar) (AUSTRALIA)

COMPILATION SOUNDTRACKS (composer, guitarist):

Where the DJs Roam, KRL Productions 2009 (USA) DVD

Bondi Tsunami Soundtrack, Various Artists 2004 (AUSTRALIA) DVD/LP

COMPILATION RELEASES (guitarist and/or vocals):

What Colour is Sound, Vol 2 Mixtape 2020 (U.K.)

No Gigs Does Not Have To Mean No Music, Desert Highways Mixtape 2020 (AUSTRALIA)

Rockwiz Duets Volume 3 – The Beat Goes On SBS Television/ Renegade Films DVD/ LP 2009 (AUSTRALIA)

A Tribute to Rowland S Howard, Penny Ikinger LP 2006 (Stagger Records, (FRANCE)

Inner City Sound Compilation, Wet Taxis LP 2004 (AUSTRALIA)

Tales from the Australian Underground 1976-1989, Wet Taxis LP 2003 (AUSTRALIA)

Various – Youngblood II, Kings of The World LP 1990 (AUSTRALIA)

Positively Elizabeth Street, Louis Tillett LP 1989 (AUSTRALIA)

Minutes to Midnight, Wet Taxis LP 1988

Take Everything, Leave Nothing, Wet Taxis LP 1988 (AUSTRALIA)

Various – This Is Hot, Wet Taxis LP 1985 (AUSTRALIA)

Last updated Feb 2022

 “Tokyo…is an album similar to experimental eras of New York and London during the late 60s and early 70s. Blending art, folk, twang, poetry, and uncommon together instrumentation. Music aficionados will find intricate revelations in every nook and cranny.”

– Walter Price, Global Texan Chronicles (Germany)

 “One that was born with a star on the forehead is Penny Ikinger, a kind of grungy answer to PJ Harvey…Devastating from start to finish.”

– Jon Pagola, Mondosonoro (Spain)

 “Tokyo is superb, with overdriven, reverb-drenched guitars, dramatic wild-west vignettes and songs influenced by Sam Shepherd, Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull and Cormac McCarthy… imbued with a Francois Villon sensibility and a real Motor City rock vibe.”

– Chris Mineral, CDB News (Australia)

 “The “femme fatale” of Australian rock Penny Ikinger gave us one of the best performances of the Andoain Festival. “Tokyo”…one of the discs of this year for me …I will put it on my list with the most Pomegranates of the current harvest!”

– Txema Mañeru, El Giradiscos (Spain)