Penny Ikinger’s Marbles will be playing live-to-air on PBS radio this Thursday 27th July on JUNKYARD, which will feature an interview with host Michael Mulholland. You can tune in here:

Penny Ikinger’s album “Travels and Travails” has been receiving enthusiastic airplay on various radio stations, especially in her hometown of Melbourne. Here’s a breakdown of the tracks and the DJs who have been spinning them:

“Voodoo Girl” – Played on “Banana Lounge Broadcasting” by Dave Graney and on “On The Blower” by Tony Biggs. The song was recorded by Penny’s French band Penelope Inc under the production of Jim Diamond (ex The Dirtbombs, USA).

“Tsunami” – Played by Megahertz spiritual leader Pauly P on “Respect The Rock”. This song was recorded in The Chapel of Rock by Penny Ikinger’s Marbles.

“Spinster” – Tony Biggs played this track to the very end, even though it includes a brave 3-minute guitar solo by Penny. It was recorded with Donovan’s Brain, based in Montana, USA.

“Ride On, Cowboy” – Played by Tony Biggs and Dave Graney, as well as Crispi on “Radio City” on PBS radio. This track is recorded by Penny Ikinger’s Marbles.

“Siberia” – Played on the Triple R graveyard shift by The Carmel and Sparksy show. It was written and recorded with Dimi Dero and features Billy Miller on guitar and Jim Dickson on bass.

“Red Balloon” – Also played by Dave Graney and Tony Biggs. This track was recorded by Penny with Melbourne-based Burning Sand, featuring special guest Marita Dyson from The Orbweavers on vocals.

“Penny has dissected each song on “Travels and Travails” during her interview with Dr Gonzo on his program “And This One’s Introduced By” on 3CR.

Additionally, her cover version of The Scientists’ song “We Had Love” (recorded with her Japanese band The Silver Bells) has been played on Triple R FM and was included in PBS radio’s TOP TEN TRACKS of the week.

Many thanks to all the DJs who have been supporting Penny Ikinger’s music!