PENNY IKINGER is heading to Europe for some exclusive shows in France and Spain to promote her latest album “Tokyo” in March 2019.

Penny Ikinger will perform in France with musicians DIMI DERO (drums) and VINZ GUILLUY (bass). They will also hit the studio with JIM DIAMOND from The Dirtbombs as producer to record a new brand new track! She will perform solo in Basque Country (Spain).

Recorded in Japan, “Tokyo”, Penny Ikinger’s third solo album, is an international collaboration with legendary guitarist and songwriter DENIZ TEK from Radio Birdman, and musicians from the Tokyo psychedelic rock underground.

“Tokyo” was released on Kerosene Records (Japan) and Off The Hip Records (Australia) and launched in Tokyo and in Melbourne (at Melbourne Museum’s Nocturnal event) by Penny Ikinger with her Japanese band The Silver Bells featuring MASAMI KAWAGUCHI on guitar.

“Tokyo…is an album similar to experimental eras of New York and London during the late 60s and early 70s. Blending art, folk, twang, poetry, and uncommon together instrumentation. Music aficionados will find intricate revelations in every nook and cranny.” Walter Price, Global Texan Chronicles 12 Dec 2018.

“Tokyo is superb, with overdriven, reverb-drenched guitars, dramatic wild-west vignettes and songs influenced by Sam Shepherd, Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull and Cormac McCarthy… imbued with a Francois Villon sensibility and a real Motor City rock vibe.” Chris Mineral, CDB News, 2 Oct 2018

The album has received airplay in Japan, Australia, USA, France, Spain, Germany and French Polynesia, most notably on The Mike Rogers Show on Inter FM in Tokyo, which has a listening audience of around 31 million people. “Tokyo” was recently featured on El Sotana De Radio 3 (Madrid, Spain) a program which is considered to be one of the best and coolest rock n roll shows in the world. “Tokyo” has also appeared in Top Ten Album lists for 2018.

“Tokyo” was produced by Penny Ikinger and Tokyo based music producer, journalist, promoter and musician GAKU TORII, the legendary Godfather of punk rock in Japan.

Double A side single “Gin No Suzu” and “Ride On, Cowboy” was launched at the Andoaingo Rock Festival in Spain in June 2017 as a taster of the album:

“The “femme fatale” of Australian rock Penny Ikinger gave us the last year one of the best performances of the Rock Festival of Andoain… “Tokyo”…I think we are facing one of the discs of this year for me …I will put it on my list with the most Pomegranate of the current harvest!” Txema Mañeru, El Giradiscos 18th Oct 2018

The Japanese version of “Tokyo”, released on Kerosene Records, includes a bonus track – a cover of the Divinyls song “Boys in Town”. In the documentary “Electra: the Music of Penny Ikinger”, Divinyls’ CHRISSY AMPHLETT interviews Penny Ikinger.

“The thing that Ikinger has always been a master of is using re-conceptualizations as she maintains that undeniable voice. A voice that is as sultry as it is airy, haunting, and potent that has always drawn me in. Seemingly hanging on the edge…Timeless, and intricate.” Walter Price, Global Texan Chronicles 29 Nov 2017.

“Penny’s accomplished singing, unconventional guitar playing, folkish song structure and willingness to take risks make this a great album” The Barman I-94 bar webzine, 1 Oct 2018

Penny Ikinger released her debut solo album “Electra” on CD on Career Records (USA) and vinyl on Bang! Records (Spain) and her second solo album “Penelope” on Citadel Records (Australia). These albums appeared in Top Ten lists in Australia, U.S.A. and Europe. Now she releases her much-anticipated third album “Tokyo” worldwide.

This project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.



Penny Ikinger (with Vinz Guilluy/ bass and Dimi Dero/ drums)

13 March    Down by the Reverb, Perpignan, France

14 March    Gai Pêcheur, Toulouse, France

15 March     Jour de Fête, Albi, France

16 March    Amphore, Perigueux, France

17 March    Carnaval de Sète, France



Penny Ikinger (solo)

22 March – 24 March TBA