Penny Ikinger will launch her new album – Travels and Travails – at GEORGE LANE, St Kilda on Friday 5th MAY. This special event will be a double album launch with The On and Ons (Sydney). Penny will perform with her band who have garnered high praise, featuring in numerous Top Ten lists for Best Gig of 2022 in Sydney and Melbourne, for their efforts.

Steeped in power pop and armed with classic melodies, The On and Ons are heading to Melbourne to launch their fourth full studio album, “Let Ya Hair Down”, in May. They’ll appear at George Lane in St Kilda alongside The Penny Ikinger Band on Friday, May 5 as a double album launch.

Penny Ikinger’s latest album – Travels and Travails – will be released by Off The Hip Records as one of the highlights of this year’s Record Store Day (22 April). Record Store Day invited Penny to release her special compilation to be made available as part of this international day which recognises the value of recorded music and all our record outlets.

Travels and Travails hosts tracks that capture Penny’s various experiences, obstacles, and tribulations of being an acclaimed recording and touring artist. The new album is a mesmerising new body of work covering 20 years of her enthralling solo career.

The new album showcases Penny’s collaborations with artists from France, Australia, Japan, and the United States. It includes both live and studio recordings, some of which are previously unheard, deep-cut tracks, whilst others are reworkings of songs from her earlier works.

Penny Ikinger’s raw talent has won over audiences in Japan, the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, garnering a legion of devoted fans, and even the toughest of critics have been won over by her undeniable talent. Penny’s passion for music and electrifying performances have allowed her to captivate audiences around the world, marking her as a truly remarkable artist.

“All woman and all business – the Australian singer-guitarist – a graduate of the Radio Birdman school of axe warfare – unveils a fetching line of balladry here: black-hearted folk song draped in fuzz, topped with a dark baby-doll whisper…imagine Nico channelling Sandy Denny in front of Blue Oyster Cult – and you’re close.”

David Fricke, Rolling Stone magazine (USA).

Penny’s stunning ability as a guitarist and singer-songwriter takes centre stage once again with Travels and Travails, as she dazzles listeners and bewitches fans with her inherent command of the alternative sonic realm. Penny’s new album is guaranteed to resonate with her fans with its captivating melodies and impassioned lyrics, confirming her place as a true rock star.

“Toe-nail polish and noise guitar. Sexy silvery sandals and breathy, twisting and turning vocals. I bet they stare at her guitar and worship at her feet back in her native Australia…”

Sally Green, Mohair Sweets (USA)